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B6db families: marg

Activity marg
Description beta-methyltriptophan aminotransferase (2.6.1.-)
Notes Small, peculiar family built around the single validated sequence from Streptomyces sp. B9173. Most similar to histidinol-phosphate aminotransferase (
PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Reference sequence AHJ60976
Domain interval 17-345
Catalytic site 210 K
 Zou Y1, Fang Q, Yin H, Liang Z, Kong D, Bai L, Deng Z, Lin S. (2013) Stereospecific biosynthesis of β-methyltryptophan from (L)-tryptophan features a stereochemical switch Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 52 12951-5.

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