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Activity mppp
Description Arginine 4-hydroxylase/deaminase (1.13.12.-)
Notes A distinct (but quite heterogeneous) family of bacterial enzymes, structurally and functionally very similar to the family Ind4.

Other that that, the family is distantly related to capreomycidin synthase (

PDB 5DJ1;6C3B;
PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Number of sequences 15
Sequences in seed alignment
BacteriaSDW59331 (Amycolatopsis xylanica); WP_013733373 (Verrucosispora maris); WP_038849111 (Salinispora pacifica); WP_030228845 (Actinoalloteichus cyanogriseus); AEW92768 (Streptomyces cattleya NRRL 8057 ); WP_063830605 (Kitasatospora phosalacinea); WP_066941472 (Microtetraspora fusca); WP_024754986 (Streptomyces exfoliatus); KDR62041 (Streptomyces wadayamensis); SES42560 (Actinokineospora terrae); WP_026421916 (Actinokineospora inagensis); SDG84675 (Lechevalieria fradiae); WP_079146124 (Streptomyces lydicus); WP_051815300 (Streptomyces lavenduligriseus); WP_018539970 (Streptomyces sp. MspMP-M5);

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Reference sequence KDR62041
Domain interval 56-369
Catalytic site 221 K
 Han L, Vuksanovic N, Oehm SA, Fenske TG, Schwabacher AW, Silvaggi N. (2018) Streptomyces wadayamensis MppP is a PLP-dependent oxidase, not an oxygenase Biochemistry 57 3252-3264.

 Hedges JB, Kuatsjah E, Du YL, Eltis LD, Ryan KS. (2018) Snapshots of the catalytic cycle of an O2, pyridoxal phosphate-dependent hydroxylase. ACS Chem Biol 13 965-974.

 Han L, Schwabacher AW, Moran GR, Silvaggi NR (2015) Streptomyces wadayamensis MppP Is a Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate-Dependent L-Arginine α-Deaminase, γ-Hydroxylase in the Enduracididine Biosynthetic Pathway Biochemistry 54 7029-40.

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