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B6db families: chdn

Activity chdn
Description 9-desmethyl-chelocardin aminotransferase ( 2.6.1.-)
Notes Very small family based on the functionally validated enzyme from Amycolatopsis sulfurea.
The closest family in the database is pgat (hydroxyphenylglycine aminotransferase).
PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Number of sequences 2
Sequences in seed alignment
BacteriaWP_120023257 (Amycolatopsis panacis); AHD25935 (Amycolatopsis sulphurea);

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Reference sequence AHD25935
Domain interval 68-436
Catalytic site 269 K
 Lukežič; T, Fayad AA, Bader C, Harmrolfs K, Bartuli J, Groß S, Lešnik U, Hennessen F, Herrmann J, Pikl Š, Petković H, Müller R (2019) Engineering Atypical Tetracycline Formation in Amycolatopsis sulphurea for the Production of Modified Chelocardin Antibiotics ACS Chem Biol 14 468-477.

 Lukežič T, Lešnik U, Podgoršek A, Horvat J, Polak T, Šala M, Jenko B, Raspor P, Herron PR, Hunter IS, Petković H (2013) Identification of the chelocardin biosynthetic gene cluster from Amycolatopsis sulphurea: a platform for producing novel tetracycline antibiotics Microbiology 29 2524-32.

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