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B6db families: cys.hydrolase

cys hydrolase
Activity cys_hydrolase
Description Cysteine desulfhydrase (serine-forming) (3.13.1.-)
Notes Sequences most closely related to classic cysteine synthases (OASS;
PLP Fold Type II
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type II

Number of sequences 9
Sequences in seed alignment
BacteriaYP_005267792 (Acetobacterium woodii); WP_009005920 (Fusobacterium necrophorum); WP_009430797 (Peptoniphilus); WP_003530389 (Clostridium); WP_022475433 (Ruminococcus); WP_005585397 (Clostridium ultunense); YP_001321852 (Alkaliphilus metalliredigens); NP_603952 (Fusobacterium nucleatum); WP_018996755 (Hirschia maritima);

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Reference sequence NP_603952
Domain interval 9-299
Catalytic site 46 K
References Articles on cys.hydrolase
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