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B6db families: qbsb

Activity qbsb
Description 3-hydroxykynurenine aminotransferase (2.6.1.-)
Notes A very small family, closely related to the pyoverdine aminotransferase family (ptaa).
PLP Fold Type I
PLP-dependent Domain
Domain alignment
Domain hmm
Fold type I

Number of sequences 2
Sequences in seed alignment
BacteriaWP_078468851 (Pseudomonas sp. MF4836); Q84HG0 (Pseudomonas fluorescens);

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Reference sequence Q84HG0
Domain interval 28-347
Catalytic site 217 K
 Godert A.M. (2006) Investigatin the biosynthesis of thio-quinolobactin and the development of a proteomics probe for thiamin utilinzing enzymes PhD thesis, Cornell University 1-202.

 Matthijs S, Baysse C, Koedam N, Tehrani KA, Verheyden L, Budzikiewicz H, Schäfer M, Hoorelbeke B, Meyer JM, De Greve H, Cornelis P (2004) The Pseudomonas siderophore quinolobactin is synthesized from xanthurenic acid, an intermediate of the kynurenine pathway Mol Microbiol 52 371-84.

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