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This section provides, in the first place, references to those studies that have been most crucial to shape the content of other sections of B6db (e.g., papers reporting the functional validation of a specific gene product).

Needless to say, the construction of this bibliographic database is a work in progress, many relevant papers may still be missing while some irrelevant ones may have been included. We welcome suggestions from the B6db users, concerning the inclusion of key references that have been inadvertently omitted or ignored.


This section of B6db includes in the first place articles that meet the following criteria:

1) Papers describing the first identification and earlier studies on a given B6-dependent activity.

2) Papers reporting the occurrence of a specific B6-dependent activity in some organism or group of organisms.

3) Papers describing the protein sequencing of a specific B6-dependent enzyme.

4) Papers dealing with the cloning of genes for B6-dependent enzymes and reporting the functional validation of the recombinant gene product(s).

5) Papers describing the first crystal structure of a specific PLP-dependent gene product.

6) Papers that, exploiting e.g. genetic or bioinformatic approaches, provide insights into the in vivo function, structure or localization of specific B6-dependent gene products.

7) Papers that help illustrate the evolutionary history of a particular sublineage of PLP-dependent enzymes.

Usage notes

The ui field provides (when available) the Pubmed unique identifier number corresponding to the reference. Clicking on the field activates a link to the Pubmed record.

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