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Enzymes that contain vitamin B6 – pyridoxal-5' phosphate (PLP) – as a cofactor are of great relevance to biology and medicine. B6-dependent enzymes belong to a small number of evolutionary lineages, but encompass more than 300 distinct catalytic functions, thus representing a remarkable example of divergent evolution.

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  • activity  Activities involving the B6 cofactor
  • seq  Sequences of B6-dependent enzymes
  • bib  References on B6-dependent activities and proteins
  • fam  Families of B6-dependent proteins
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B6db statistics
  • Number of activities: 348
    • with EC number: 232
    • with known genes: 286
  • Numer of families: 358
  • Number of sequences: 4324
  • Number of references: 2808

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